Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alan Rickman Reel: Dogma

My household are big fans of Alan Rickman. As such, we decided to review his films from start to finish. Using IMDb, that put us starting with Die Hard (Die Hard!!!!) and we knew Dogma and Galaxy Quest would be in there, too. Not to mention all our other favorite Alan Rickman films. Plus, you know, we thought we'd discover so many more fun movies. That is probably still true but we've been discovering some real duds in our journey and it's sucking the fun out of this activity. As such, we've decided to keep going in chronological order but to focus on the ones we like or what sounds good to us.

If we skip one of your favorites feel free to make a case for it in the comments. Links to previous reviews can be found below, under the cut.

sgwordy: Even though this movie is awesome, it's hard for me to think anything other than, "Galaxy Quest is next! Squeeeee!"
Dr Musacha: Squee indeed!

Dr Musacha: I feel like this is the movie where Alan Rickman really started to perfect my favorite version of Alan Rickman. Snarky, mostly good-natured, with lots of sarcastic side comments.

sgwordy: He's so low key and deadpan you almost miss what great comedic timing he has. He's super funny but never in a scene stealing kind of way. Or, if he does steal the scene, he does it so subtly (and wonderfully) that I would guess his fellow actors simply say thanks and go on with the next one.

Dr Musacha: I totally agree. He's almost made for ensemble comedy. He doesn't need to be the actor everyone is reacting to. He's really good at complementing the scene and whoever is in it.

sgwordy: Speaking of ensemble comedy, what do think of this movie's ensemble cast?

Dr Musacha: I like it a lot. I think it's a well-acted movie with a lot of funny people. I remember the first time I saw this movie and being really impressed with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. I thought they were standouts in the midst of some very experienced comedians.

sgwordy: Yes, whenever I watch this movie I'm always struck again at how much I wished they had made more movies together.

Dr Musacha: If we're going to mention the ensemble and standouts, then we'd better mention the weak link. Jay is so obnoxious and he's so out of place in this movie.

sgwordy: Wouldn't it be amazing if they sold a special edition with Jay completely edited out? Because I get tired of having to do it myself. I loathe Jay. I really fucking loathe Jay. Oh wait, maybe one of those angels could smash him right out of existence and then there would never be another movie with Jay ever again.

Dr Musacha: Yeah, so, about Alan Rickman... it would have been cool if Rickman had been Bethany's guide/guardian/prophet. Then we could have had more of his snarky comments.

sgwordy: Any increase in Rickman snark is a good thing.

Dr Musacha: Speaking of, can't wait for our next movie!

Rate the movie on a scale of 1 to 10:
Dr Musacha –8
sgwordy –8
Was Rickman the best thing about this movie?
Dr Musacha – Yes, but great ensemble.
sgwordy – No, he's got stiff competition from too many other cast members.

In the context of his body of work, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Rickman as Rickman?
Dr Musacha –8
sgwordy –9

Favorite Rickman quote from this movie?
Dr Musacha: Take sex for example, there's nothing funnier than the ridiculous faces you people make mid-coitus.
sgwordy: I hate it when people need it spelled out for them.

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