Monday, January 19, 2009

I did not get an email from Jesus today.

My blog is starting with on obit. Email is dead. I weep for this. I have rooted my communicative self in email so strongly that I'm like one of those potted plants that you try to divide and share with your friends but the roots are so tangled you end up mangling the leaves when you try to pull bits off. That's not just a long, poor analogy. It's truth.

I remember the simpler days. I would check my inbox, reply as needed, wait for responses...ah bliss! Now it's all Facebook, Twitter (which I still don't understand) and the like. Needing memberships, passwords, checking where your friends are, updating 36 different sites with identical information. And then once you feel you have some sort of handle on this digital whirlwind there's a new site that all your friends have jumped ship to, and you have to start the process all over again!

It's also made me a snob. I realize there are those that add contacts willy nilly (yes I just used the expression willy nilly, it's possible that is enough to explain my technological problems) but my inability to fragment my brain over 36 different modes of communication has made me limit contacts. I need to focus on those people I am truly interested in updating (and getting updates from) or my brain might explode. Yes, I may have gone to high school with you but until this very moment I had not thought of you again. High school being over ten years ago now, doesn't that scream out that our relationship does not need to be taken to the next level, i.e. being Facebook friends?

And don't get me started on Web 2.0. I keep seeing this expression but I have no idea what it means. Fortunately, I can still access the same old dot-com and it's quite a relief to me that it continues to show up, 2.0 or otherwise.