Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spinal Crack

Have you ever looked over someone’s book shelf and come away with the distinct feeling that they haven’t read even a quarter of the books they own? Well I would be that person with those shelves. BUT I have actually read almost all the books I own. What I have not done is break the bindings. If you see a book on my shelf with a tattered cover you can bet it was used when I bought it or that I lent it to someone. I can’t explain it but I cannot break the spine of a book.

And this goes for all books!

Even if I’m reading a book I think very little of or what I would consider a “beach read” I can’t mess it up. And I really want to! I want to be one of those people that opens a book and wraps the front cover around. Or one that opens a book as far as they possibly can immediately creating a giant crease in the spine. Those books look so loved and cheerfully worn. But I just can’t do it!

I do love my books and, in fact, I read them over and over! They are cheerfully worn…but only to the observing eye. And even though my first response is one of annoyance when someone returns a book to me that was pristine when it left my house and is now bent and broken, I am secretly delighted that the dirty deed has been done.

Once broken I will happily add more damage.

I recognize the psychosis in this but on the other hand, doesn't it make you feel so much better about lending me a book?