Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ride Along

I submitted a request to do a Ride Along with my local PD. Please let me share my favorite bits from the waiver I had to sign (emphasis mine).

" any way related to or connected with my participation in this activity, including specifically, but not limited to, the negligent acts or omissions of the [City] Police Department, its agents or employees..."

So no matter how badly they fuck up I happily release them of any responsibility.

"If a dangerous situation arises, i.e., gunfire, fights, fire, etc., do not attempt to assist the officer. Instead, get away quickly, and call the Police Department and explain what happened."

Well, poo! There go my visions of grandeur!

If my request is accepted I'll be sure to report back on all the fun that is riding around in a patrol car.


  1. requested this, why? research for your scifi crime thriller manuscript? the chance to observe some negligent acts? something different to do than watch world cup soccer?

  2. Nothing to do with research; all in "the spirit of benign curiosity." The negligent acts business is an unforeseen bonus. Actually, I got a call this morning and I get my chance at injury through negligence this coming Monday.

    I don't watch soccer, not even world cup soccer (gasp!). I tried to watch a little when I lived in Europe to blend, etc but it's as mysterious to me as hockey is.

  3. well, as a person who lives in the country where a large proportion of the population answered the question 'Would you sacrifice the total Olympic medal haul of Team Canada at if it meant the men's hockey team won gold?' with 'yes!', this might have put the brakes on our budding cyberfriendship, if I was one of those people.

    happily, I'm not a hockey person either (though it's sacriledge for me to say so) so I'm sure we'll get over this bump in our relationship.

    awaiting the drive along report with bated breath. or I would be if I ever figured out how breath bates.

  4. lol, knowing you are Canadian I actually chose hockey specifically so we could get that out of the way... just in case. I must be lucky that all of my Canadian friends are the forgiving kind as I've yet to meet anyone who held it against me. I find pro basketball equally uninteresting and that has netted (*snicker*) more abuse than the hockey business. :)

    Perhaps this will help with bated breath. Go webbie!