Sunday, March 13, 2011

My First AudioBook

Well, folks, I've taken the plunge. I've got an audiobook and I plan on listening ALL the way through. This may not seem like news worth mentioning (luckily we peddle in "useless information" here at sgwordy) but for this non-audio learner it's the big time. I'm one of those people who learns from reading and from graphics. My reading comprehension is high and I can memorize a map relatively quickly, but when you start listing things, lecturing or simply reading from a handout you just gave me I'm lost.

Listening has always felt like it takes so much time. If you give me information in a written or graphical format I can get it into my brain fairly quickly. If you give me information orally then I have to listen at your pace and accept your rhythm and tone. Ugh! But it's good to step out of comfort zones and attempt to learn in new ways so here I go with:

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  1. Fine selection, Rachel. Good one for both an introduction to the audiobook form and author T Jefferson Parker. But I understand her apprehension given your reading strengths. You're right in that the reader must surrender themselves to the rhythms of the narrator and production of the novel. I look forward to your experience or review. Thanks.