Thursday, March 17, 2011

El Chupacabra

I don't post about work due to various reasons like client confidentiality, examples of this being a bad idea all over the internet and the general attitude that it's not good to pee where you swim but, sometimes, you can make exceptions. Like when an individual alerts a news station:

I Found Chupacabra, El Dorado Hills Man Says

(close up photo here)

Comment the first: You fear for your safety in a wilderness situation and the first thing that comes to mind - out of all the possibilities - is that El Chupacabra is after you? Are you a goat?

Comment the second: Does this gentleman know something about the migratory tendencies of Mexican goat suckers that the rest of us do not? I mean, it's a Mexican legend, after all, making me think it's unlikely to be a problem in Northern California.

Comment the third: It was a yearling bear, and the poor tyke was hairless due to a dermatophyte.


  1. Oh great, the interwebs everywhere are sold out of the potassium iodide pills to keep all of us on the west coast alive after the invasion of Japanese radiation, and now we're being invaded by blood-sucking Mexican creatures too?!? I give up. I want my bubble.

    On the bright side, "chupacabra" is kind of a fun word to say. Doesn't come up in my line of work very often, I'm jealous. =)

  2. I'm guessing this will be an iodine pill-filled, chupacabra excluding type of bubble, yes?