Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heyer Vortex

I can't quite figure how it happened but I have been sucked into a Heyer* vortex. All I want to be doing at any given moment is reading Heyer novels. I suspect it has something to do with the final vestiges of winter that Mother Nature is desperately trying to throw off. My winter mood (never any good at all, just ask Dr M) is slow to note the harbingers of Spring and so instead I am gloming Heyer novels in a little ball on my couch hoping the world will forget me until winter is truly gone. (Or rather, hoping I can forget the world but still, somehow, all my responsibilities will be taken care of.)

But on a non-hibernating note: Baseball is almost here! Huzzah! I am reading a fantastic (non-Heyer) book that I can't wait to rave about but it's for review so I am going to hold off until the review is posted. It's my first "must read" of this year. And, while only my instructor and I ever get truly excited about this, my horse and I are doing so well. He's such a rock star!

*Don't you just love that picture of her? So glam! It makes me wish I had known her. :)


  1. I struggle with Heyer. I keep hearing superlative praise, and so far, don't quite get it. I'm trying again with 'Arabella' in my TBR pile but I keep passing it over to pick up something else.

  2. hahahaha, I feel like you've been reading ARABELLA forever. :) I haven't read that one. Just off to check its plot...oh more Regency fun. I will have to get it from my library.

    My Heyer praise is not at all superlative. My list of Heyer complaints is probably as long as my list of cheers. In fact, it's my willingness to edit as I read that keeps me coming back for more Heyer. Can't explain why I tend to enjoy her despite what I don't like when I can't do so for other authors.

    If you're bound and determined to give her a try I recommend going to another book. She's done so many types of heroes and heroines that there's no reason to slog through a title that isn't interesting to you. Try some others out and if they still don't work then I would bet she's not for you. My 'go to' titles for her are THE GRAND SOPHY, FRIDAY'S CHILD, and APRIL LADY.