Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love the making fun of those that get it in their heads that they must have THIS THING right NOW!!!!

(hat tip: schmelly)


  1. I love this! SO funny! Chuck's new thing is the iPad. Even though it does the exact same thing as his other electronics, only combined, he still is dying to get it.

  2. couldn't make the audio work,
    but wanted to say: thanks for the blogger award! I like being thought of as versatile.

  3. Cheri - has Chuck seen what one half of the Penny Arcade team had to say about the iPad? Too funny. It's much like your comment... shoot Jeff an email and I bet he can forward it on. hehe

    M - well, nuts, because it's not exactly physical comedy, is it? All the fun is in the audio... And keep it versatile! :)