Sunday, July 4, 2010

From Paris With Love (2010)

Director: Pierre Morel
Studio: Lionsgate (2010)

"Two agents. One city. No merci."

If I had seen this tagline then I might have had some clue of what to expect. Oh holy fuck!

sgwordy selects special features
sgwordy: Do you think there's a blooper reel or are all the bloopers included in the film?
Dr Musacha: Yeah, if you click on blooper reel it just starts the movie over again.

sgwordy selects Spies, Spooks, and Special Ops: Life Under Cover
sgwordy: Are these guys reading the Wikipedia article aloud?
Dr Musacha: It sounds more like a summary of what they learned from Splinter Cell.

Of note:
There is actually no blooper reel.
While of limitless comedic value if one enjoys practicing the MST3k treatment, From Paris With Love can not, in fact, unseat The Transporter as best movie to MST3k.

movie rating: 2 of 5 stars
MST3k treatment rating: 5 of 5 stars


  1. Great cinema FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is not. But, it sure looked like Travolta was having a good time chewing the scenery in the film. BTW, love that tagline you came up with, Rachel.


  2. I wish I had come up with that tagline cuz what an awesome joke that would have been but it was REAL! Egads!