Monday, June 3, 2013

The Prince of Midnight Audiobook, or A Wholly Unexpected Event

Title: The Prince of Midnight
Author: Laura Kinsale
Narrator: Nicholas Boulton
Publisher: Hedgehog Inc (2013)

I knew Laura Kinsale's novels would be coming available in audio but, beyond savoring the new cover art (which you can find at the previous link but here it is again because the art is lovely and you should definitely check it out), I wasn't planning on adding another format to my Kinsale library. Despite LK choosing (and raving about) the narrator, I just didn't see being able to let anyone else's interpretation be a part of my precious, precious Kinsale romances.

The days continued to pass after the audio announcement in the newsletter, and Kinsale's praise of the narrator only got higher and higher. It definitely piqued my interest (I even went so far as to listen to a sample) but I still wasn't ready to take the leap. Then the first title came available and Beth, an even bigger fan than me, took that leap and wrote this review and what I thought were very high walls around my Kinsale treasures cracked and I surfed over to Audible... If things went south I could always turn it off and not listen to any others, right?

So there I was, queuing up what I never thought I'd queue up, and listening. And listening... and listening... and oh holy fuck it was glorious! It was amazing! It was fantastic! It was falling in love all over again with one of my favorite books! I was floored. I never expected this.

I've read The Prince of Midnight countless times but never has that last scene outside of the party (ridotto?) hit me like it did this time. Wow! Just wow! Not only am I prepared to immediately start TPoM over again in audio, I simply CANNOT WAIT for the rest of them. I've now gobbled up the other available samples (one of which is Flowers From the Storm!!!!) and I plan to listen to them all. Yes! ALL!!! That means not only the aforementioned Flowers From the Storm, but also For My Lady's Heart, Uncertain Magic and even The Shadow and the Star!!

I never expected this!

What I have been unable to decide is whether or not Nicholas Boulton and I read TPoM identically or if he has managed to read it with perfect conveyance but no intrusion. Either way, I remain stunned. So thank you Laura Kinsale for writing these wonderful books and picking a dynamite narrator and thank you Nicholas Boulton for the considerable skill you have brought to a beloved title. And, of course, thanks to Beth for giving me the courage to listen.  :)

And speaking of that considerable skill... I see that NB also does "additional voices" in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I now consider myself part of an audio scavengar hunt and will be listening for his voice whenever I play.


  1. You just put a big smile on my face, Rachel. Reading how much you enjoyed the experience of a novel you know so well and finding something fresh in it care of it being done by an excellent audiobook production. I wish you good hunting, my friend.

  2. Thinking about it, I really ought to have included a thank you to you as well for getting me over the huge hurdle of audio AT ALL as a medium these years(!) ago now. Glad to share the joy; it really was a great experience!

  3. I feel like I might actually read more Kinsale (as opposed to looking at the books on the shelf periodically and thinking I ought to read them) if I tried the audiobooks.

  4. Obviously I'd definitely say to give them a listen. :) But seriously, it really is a great production so you're going to get a high quality experience - definitely a great way to give Kinsale a try.