Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Dogs' Life

Chang O
Point of origin: Roadside, Savannah, GA, 2002

Two days after I adopted Chang O from the couple who rescued her, I moved her to Tallahasse, FL

Chang O at 6mo, born Feb 2002

2002 Move to Tallahassee, FL    300m
2003 Move across town    7m

Point of origin: City Shelter, Tallahasse, FL, 2004

Cubone was lucky. After Dr M and I adopted him in 2004, he got to live in one house for over a year.

Cubone at 4mo, born Nov 2003

Move across town    3m
Move to Iowa City, IA via
   Drive to San Antonio, TX    905m
   Drive to Boulder, CO    960m
   Drive to Iowa City, IA    800m

July - Drive to San Antonio, TX     1120m
Oct - Move to Utrecht, The Netherlands via
   Drive to Houston, Fly to Amsterdam, Train to Utrecht    5170m

Move to Davis, CA via
   Train to Amsterdam, Fly to Houston, Drive to San Antonio, TX    5170m
   Drive to Las Vegas, NV    1275m
   Drive to Davis    600m

Move to Dunedin, New Zealand via
   Drive to San Francisco, CA, Fly to Auckland, Fly to Christchurch, quarantine for 10 days
   Drive to Dunedin    7173m

Chang O total = 23,480 miles
Cubone total = 23,173 miles

Cubone (9yo) and Chang O (11yo)


  1. Good dogs…and well travelled.

  2. Or well dragged around... ;-) I really am impressed with how well they take our nomadic lifestyle.