Friday, January 29, 2010

Invisible Library

Well this is just all kinds of fun. Click here for an article on the Invisible Library blog and how it got started. I noticed this right off:
"The genesis of the library was very simple," says Stahl. "I happened to read Nabokov's The Real Life of Sebastian Knight and Graham Greene's The End of the Affair in quick succession, and was struck by the number of nonexistent novels mentioned, and at times even described in each book."

Since I've been going through Nabokov's works recently I'm going to use this as the deciding factor for his next book to put to the top of the TBR pile.

Click here to go straight to the Invisible Library blog.

(hat tip: Schmells)


  1. Hi, dropped by to say thanks for visiting my blog! that is quite something, to go from Nabokov to my modest scribblings... *g*

  2. Hello! Glad you stopped by. If you meander around you will see that I am quite the equal opportunity reader. :) And I'm always looking for new suggestions so please feel free to leave any you think I might like.