Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Cake Is a Lie!

She's baaaaaaaaack! And Still Alive!

Mr M recently downloaded the Xbox LIVE arcade game Portal: Still Alive. Portal has been featured here at sgwordy before and for good reason. This game is more awesome than Captain Awesome (though it can't compete with his abs)! The reasons are too numerous to list here (maybe our resident gamer can link to his thoughts on Portal in the comments so you all can learn those reasons) so I'll just focus on GlaDOS. (And yes, it is the GlaDOS of quotable fame at the top of this blog header.)

GlaDOS' part in this game is to screw up things for the test subject as she tries to escape. Part of GlaDOS' strategy is to talk lots of shit in an attempt to demoralize the test subject. She's damn funny and just one of the details that sets Portal above and beyond the typical video game. For instance, take this scene featuring the demise of the Weighted Companion Cube (btw, I luuuuuuuuurve the Weighted Companion Cube).


But joy! I came across this video saving the Weighted Companion Cube!

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