Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Superiority Complex

I just took a stroll down memory lane (long, long ago memory) by reading a review of Sweet Valley High's Dear Sister. I remember reading quite a few SVH books but I hadn't thought about them in years until seeing this review. It was hilarious good fun to see the book dissected by someone around my age also remembering that they used to spend way too many hours reading these books. But what really caught my eye was her teasing mention of the twins description (included on page one or two of every novel) and how they were perfect 5'6, size six blondes. The reviewer lamented her former self feeling inadequate for not matching up to this "perfection" and she made an off-hand remark about how many other girls might have felt the same inadequacy. And I just had to laugh at my former self (and current self, too, to be honest) and my enduring superiority complex/ridiculously high self image. I distinctly remember reading that description and I distinctly remember my response. It went thusly:

Only 5'6?? Only a size 6??? How freakish! It must be weird and horrible to be that small!

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