Monday, September 28, 2009

The King of Kong

If you liked Spellbound then you'll love the King of Kong! I mean, ohf! It's almost impossible to believe some of these guys actually exist!

Watching the emotions on Brian Kuh's face alternate between almost crying and wanting to push an arcade machine on top of Wiebe was priceless! That poor bastard couldn't hide his emotions for shit and this viewer thanks him for it. And the sycophants around Billy Mitchell were like a bad high school movie about the "cool kids" dumping all over the new guy [Wiebe].

Truth really is stranger than fiction! And in any case I don't think anyone has the imagination to make something like this up. It's like that guy that has a houseful of boxes full of his farts, you just can't make up stuff like that! Who would even think to?

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