Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Even the Like

Ever have one of those things that everyone loves and you don't? Even better, it's so very much like something you would normally like so everyone suggests it for you? And try as you might you just don't like it? Mentally making your list? Yeah, thought so.

In this case, for me, it's an author. I am not at all a fan of Bill Bryson. It's weird because I love travel and humorous portrayals of people and places. If I'm not mistaken (and I couldn't be since he's been recommended to me so many times) that is exactly what Bryson writes. But holy hell I can't even finish one of his books! I believe I've tried three at this point.

Lucky for Mr. Bryson most people do not feel the same way I do. In fact, I've only met one other person that does not enjoy his writing. Lucky for me there are way more books than can ever be read in a lifetime. No need to dither about on authors I don't enjoy.

And so adieu, Mr. Bryson. I am not trying any more of your books. You certainly will not miss me, your book sales are doing just fine. Wishing you success in all you write!

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