Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He's So Dreamy!

I feel I have been misleading with all the Altair chatter here at sgwordy. I must say that it was not Altair that drew me into the Assassin's Creed world (apparently never to escape) but the excellent graphics and marketing by Ubisoft. Yes, that's right, a video game trailer sealed my fate. But my one true video game love was discovered courtesy of Mr Musacha in my own living room.

I thought Mr M was playing a game but when I looked at the screen it was more like an animated movie (think Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within). Cool, I thought, let's see what this business is all about. And that's when I first saw Leon. He's driving around in this jeep looking a bit dejected (but oh so dreamily determined) with a couple other guys and then bad shit starts to happen. But it was totally cool bad shit and I was immediately sucked into the game. So much so that Mr M was kind enough to not play the game unless I was around to watch.

Regardless of how awesome Leon is (or how much better I would be for him than Ashley or the lady in the red dress) Resident Evil: Leon is the best video game ever made! and that's coming from someone whose played Tales of Symphonia!


btw, is that a balrog?

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