Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reading Report

I think I'm in the midst of the longest reading slump of recent memory (my recent memory, not general world living memory or anything). Here are some stats:

24 - Books started in the last three months
 8  - Of those 24 books not worth finishing
 3  - Of those 24 I would describe as good but pretty forgettable*
 2 - Of those 24 I would describe as very good but deeply flawed
 3 - Of those 24 I enjoyed enough to actually recommend but one with reservations (see previous deeply flawed bit)
 2 - Of those 24 I quite enjoyed but they were re-reads

*we've all been there. you're reading/watching something, totally content, but 2 days later (hell, sometimes even 2 hours) you can't manage to dredge up the title.

So I'm sitting here after 3 months with 3 out of 22 books that were new reads for which I will actually remember the titles and am likely to recommend to other readers. Shown another way, that's 13.6% books read and enjoyed. Maybe I should call this a reading fail rather than a reading slump. I just want out already! Any suggestions?


  1. Must be something in the air. I'm in a slump as well.

  2. I hope, for all our sake's, it passes soon. Slumps are no fun!