Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What the f$#k, People?

Teleflora* makes a commercial equating women to prostitutes** (and NBC willingly broadcasts it) but it's M.I.A. making an immature and crude gesture (which a lot of people probably missed) during the Super Bowl halftime show that gets all the news?

What the fuck, People?

* I refuse to link to their site or the offending commercial. I don't want the interbots to give them any positive feedback.

** Come to think of it, using the word prostitute here is probably an insult to prostitutes. At least they are self-employed.


  1. Yeah, that Teleflora commercial was pretty blatant. No doubt done to generate reaction and drive publicly. Regarding the M.I.A. gesture (which most people weren't that upset by it in some polls I've seen), check out yesterday's NPR's All Things Considered audio report on this:

    "American University law professor Ira Robbins will make the case that the digitus impudicus (as it was known back in ancient Rome), just isn't obscene anymore."

  2. Heya Michael, I would be more inclined to think it was to generate publicity etc if so many of the commercials hadn't been so sexist. I swear this was the worst year yet for blatant (and highly insulting) sexism. I thought my head was going to explode. What is so strange is that I watch a lot of sports during the regular season (including much football) and never have I been so insulted. Do they not realize that the Super Bowl ads need to appeal to an even more broad audience than the regular season? I was astounded!!!!