Wednesday, May 4, 2011

some days are $#*tier than others

Sometimes there is nothing glamorous about being a scientist.


  1. What the Hell is that?!? Ewww! I'm at lunch while I opened this post. Note to self: next time, pay more attention to the post title ;-).

  2. I referred to it, lovingly, as The Great Wall of Poo.

  3. is that human poo? what are you looking for in it?

  4. Hi Kate - sorry so slow to respond, computer issues and such lately. anywho...

    You totally made my day with this question as, and I can't explain why, I am immeasurably pleased that I have nothing to do with human poo at all! Again, no explanation, but I'd so much rather work with animal pieces/parts than human.

    These are all bovine feces which, when collected in such large numbers, usually means a herd health check. DNA will be extracted from the samples and a specific type of bacterium looked for via real-time PCR primers specific for a portion of the DNA of the bacterium. These particular bacteria take up residence in the gut.