Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sgwordy gets festive at work

I bet you didn't even know you could get plastic horse Christmas lights, didja?


  1. That is festive, and where does one pick up that kind of holiday item? Thanks, Rachel.

  2. If you're me you are lucky enough to have a supervisor who's also a horsey person and she loans them to you whilst out for the holidays. Otherwise you have to go to that much lauded of stores, Tractor Supply Company, and hope you can find them in stock. ;-)

  3. Well, darn. Now I feel culturally deprived because we have no Tractor Supply Company store here.

    Rachel - What is up with double copies of Broken Kingdoms? How serendipitous is that? Did you like it as much as Book 1? The author just floated to my new favorite writers list. I want to go find her social commentary blog.

  4. M - No TSC???? But then, where do you buy your carhartts to survive the frigid climes? :)

    Commented at your place re double copies and I did not like it as much as Book 1 but that is only because I liked Book 1 soooooooo much. It's still very good. Jemisin continues to leave genre cliches far behind and her characters are interesting, sympathetic, compelling etc. The gods are so freaking awesome let lose to live amongst people again. Still a very good book. Interestingly, I liked the end of Book 1 less than all that led up to it and I didn't much care for the beginning of Book 2 but enjoyed it more and more as it progressed. You'll have to keep me posted on what you think.

    And speaking of that, I read Holly's Inbox. Did I ever go back to that post and comment about it?

    If you find that blog let me know. I seem to recall she recently made a comment at her website that she is considered a political blogger because she will discuss things that others won't. I could be misremembering that though.