Friday, October 15, 2010

Time to give Moo another try?

I tried to read Moo by Jane Smiley years ago but I wasn't able to get into it (though Horse Heaven is one of my favorite reads). But I'm thinking it's time to give it another try. The reason? My view from the bike path as I head to my building:


  1. You bike to work? I'm jealous. I used to be a cyclist (in another life before kids). Very cool. Thanks.

  2. Hee.

    Haven't read the smiley book, but reminds me of one of my DH's more embarrassing habits which is to try and communicate with bovines whenever he comes across them. Though so far none have deigned to respond, he doesn't give up.

  3. lp13 - I do bike to work (and have for the past ~4yrs - at different jobs) but I don't consider myself a cyclist. I never bike for sport or exercise, just transportation.

    You can't get your kids out there on the bikes? My brother is always out there with my nephews.

    M - Maybe there's a segment of the population that just can't help but make cow noises when facing bovine placidity. I'm not saying I know anything about this urge personally *cough* I'm just sayin' ...