Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What sgwordy has learned from Robert Crais

(in the matter of Cole/Pike)

Conflict resolution is more fun in a shoot out (justice will probably be meted out therein)

Pinocchio clocks will attract attention but are not necessarily conversation pieces

Cops are violent, territorial, and often employ juvenile humor

Cops are smart, loyal, dedicated, and don't make much money

Crimes are rarely controlled by the plebes. They will commit them but almost always for someone in power. All the better if that someone in power is tied to a gov't agency or institution that us regular folk would like to have trust in.

Mr. Pike sure does love that jeep.

We should all be so lucky to have a friendship in our lives like that of Cole and Pike

Mr. Cole is a cutey patutey smarty pants but he can still get caught out in a cul-de-sac by amateurish tactics
That Cole.

Even though Pike participates in Conspicuous Dress (the likes of which could compete with Assassin's Creed) he can still melt into the scenery at will and never be seen (spooky)

Cole keeps a clean house and cooks some scrumptious meals (Seriously. I'd room with him in second!)

The human body can tolerate an amazing amount of gunshot wounds (though it's best for these to be spread out over time rather than experienced all at once)

The Elvis Cole Detective Agency (we can do anything (probably for free)) is as likely to receive payment as not

Cole sees B&E as a way of life but is seriously creeped out if someone B&Es his house

Pike's eyes make women shift in their seats. I have much curiosity about these eyes.

Crais fans, what have I missed? What would you add?

Regarding Starkey: I think she'd actually be a good partner for Cole because he needs someone that understands a high stress, high violence life. As a cop, she can handle that. She certainly likes him and I think he likes her, too (poss need more Lucy resolution? I might have missed a book where that gets resolved). BUT the constant descriptions of her smoking make it very hard for me to imagine her around anyone too long. My aversion to ciggy smoke is high (like higher than Pike's high) so it might be that, but I swear Crais has depicted her as a chimney with the constant stench of cigs around her. Just reading some of her scenes makes the back of my mouth taste funny. Clearly I can't handle this -- can Cole?

Favorite lines:
Can you spell 'worry?'
We're squaring off against five LAPD officers, and all we're getting paid is forty bucks?


  1. This is a wonderful stream of Crais consciousness, Rachel. I'd add one thought that I've posted back in March:

    "If this series has proven anything, it's that partners Elvis and Joe are opposite sides of a rare and unique coin. And, it is impossible for something to happen to one without the other feeling it."

    I generally agree with your thoughts re: Starkey (a favorite character of mine). Have you read DEMOLITION ANGEL (where RC introduced her in this standalone novel)? I highly recommend it, if you haven't. The Lucy aspect divides Crais fans--if you've read all in the informal trilogy of L.A. REQUIEM, THE LAST DETECTIVE, THE FORGOTTEN MAN you'll have the gist of what causes this among fans.

    I don't think I can express it any better than how Naomi did with a post did at Pop Culture Nerd's Craisie Town forum (her response is on the 2nd page of the Question for Crais thread, and I join her in that sentiment). It includes a spoiler, so I didn't quote it here (fair warning), but she nails it.

    As usual, I over did it with a comment. Thanks, Rachel.

  2. My thanks to lp13 for directing me to your post!

    We should all be so lucky to have a friendship in our lives like that of Cole and Pike.

    Precisely, SG Wordy!

  3. Hey, lp13! No such thing as over-doing it when it comes to book chatting! :)

    Great additional comment. It's so true!

    I have read Demolition Angel - my first Crais, actually. I've also read the three you mentioned so I guess I'm all caught on on the Lucy sitch (I think the only book I have left is Stalking the Angel). Thanks for attaching the link for some fan reaction to Lucy. Honestly, I'm really surprised!

    L.A. Requiem was the first Cole novel I read so that was my first experience with Lucy. My first thought was, this will never work. She has a kid. There's no way she can have a life with Cole with a kid. I actually really liked the way Crais did this. It felt very real to me. Her fears re the relationship are legitimate. In fact, if she didn't love Cole so much I think she would have bailed a lot earlier. That said, I was very surprised to see her again at the end of The Forgotten Man (that felt a bit contrived simply to stir the Starkey pot so to speak). She did feel pretty harsh in The Last Detective but we never get her perspective, and her kid is gone. Hard enough to begin with but she's also being manipulated by people who have an emotional history with her and her very obvious guilt/fears about being in a relationship with a dangerous man, and how that affects her kid, have all come true in her mind.

    Interestingly, this might be the most thought I've ever given to the issue. I always assumed she'd be out of the picture eventually. I fully expect her to be gone in the future and I don't even think she needs to die - and not just cuz she's LSU alum (geaux tigers) and from the state that produced yours truly. Cole fell hard, it's realistic that it will take a while for him to get over her. But get over her he must because otherwise she will drag the stories down.

  4. Hi Christine, thanks for stopping by. Can you imagine having such a friendship? Absolutely incredible. It's like a friendship/marriage/soulmate/got your back combination of awesome that I wish we had a word to describe.

    One of my favorite things is how their peace with each other is described. How they find solace in simply being in the same room because they have both shared a similar past and so many experiences with each other. I don't lead nearly as exciting a life (understatement!) but I move a lot. Because of this I'm rarely with friends I have known longer than a year or so (my lovely husband being an exception of course:). When I am with old friends I know exactly that feeling of being around someone with whom you need not say a word because they know everything and everything has been said already. That kind of connection with someone is priceless.