Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Megan Whalen Turner: Fantastic Writer, Awesome Human

I had the very great pleasure of attending two of Turner's author events in the bay area this week. It was so much fun to listen to her speak and to say hello. I also had a fabulous time meeting with other Sounisians! We had some great discussions! I really could go on and on with this topic but that's what I have Sounis* for. Huzzah!

If you haven't read Megan Whalen Turner yet then you really must go straight out and buy her books. The latest is A Conspiracy of Kings but I recommend starting at the beginning. It's one of those series where the unexpected happens a lot so if you can avoid reading the back covers I would; it'll keep the beginning a surprise. Here's a link listing the order and talking a bit about how the order might change your experience with the books.

*Sounis is a Live Journal community for fans of the series. It's a great place to go for discussion but many spoilers for the early books are included in posts so I would suggest visiting only after reading the books. Here's the link if interested.

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