Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Laura Kinsale and the Nog Own Me

Laura Kinsale's books are like crack to me. I truly think they work upon me in the classic addict sense. Once I start one of her novels I cannot put them down. I'd complain more, or enter some sort of recovery program, but then I'd miss out on all her awesome characters and that would be criminal indeed. I only just discovered her books this Fall and I think I have only 4 left. Egads! What will I do when I have read them all? Besides snivel and twitch in a corner (natch) I will turn for solace to my holiday season weakness: Egg Nog!

Yes, the Nog owns me as well. I'm quite certain it's ill-advised to consume something until you get sick but with the Nog there is no choice. I just can't stop!

Can't even imagine the crack high I could get if I sipped (read: chugged) a glass of good ole Nog whilst reading the last of Kinsale's books. ah, sweet bliss.

note: when i've finished all her books i'll post a mass review for them so check back later if you want more details on crack in book form

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