Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...teh bad and teh ugly

There wasn't really enough of teh good to include in the title but trust me, going from bad to worse is sometimes TEH BEST!

I came by this line (imagine a tongue not a dental device):

"He delved into the hidden recesses of her mouth"

and was overwhelmed by a case of the giggles. I mean, how big is this mouth? How many recesses could it have and where the bloody hell could they possibly be hidden? I had my wisdom teeth out several years ago and that left me with some recesses but they weren't hidden and I don't think anyone was going to go probing them. Weird and ew.

But then, not three paragraphs later, I read this little gem and just about died:

"His lips milked her lobe..."

His lips? milked? her lobe?

MILKED! her lobe!

Not as refreshing as a cold shower but it gets the same results. I figured this was a sign to stop reading.

Normally I would be annoyed to have wasted my time on a book but I feel my life has been enriched by this opportunity to scoff at recess probing and lobe milking. Ah, teh satisfaction!

btw, for those wondering that was an ear lobe


  1. As opposed to a brain lobe? That would make for an odd sexual encounter...

  2. but only slightly more odd than ear milking methinks