Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I would argue that there's no one in the world that knows as much about video games while not actually being a gamer than me. Well, ok, I'm a bit of a social gamer and gems* such as Resident Evil: Leon and Portal will institute the no-playing-while-sgwordy-is-out-of-the-house rule but I would still classify myself as a non-gamer.

However, a constant environment of gaming can actually turn out to be rewarding at times. For instance this line totally cracked me up: "I can tell by how little she's wearing that I'm supposed to like this character yet I feel myself turning on her."

So much about video games is revealed in that hilarious statement. (courtesy of Unskippable over at the Escapist)

*And yes I realize I recently posted a couple Assassin's Creed videos but as you probably noticed Altair broke my heart. Well, I should probably blame Ubisoft...

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