Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It must be an X-Phile

I used to do things like read books, watch an occasional movie and interact with other human beings. Then I decided to watch The X-Files from start to finish in celebration of the premiere's 20th anniversary and now that is what I do. It seems to be ALL I do now. Bliss.

I watch episodes pretty regularly but haven't gone through the series in order in quite a few years. I forgot just how much I love it and how awesome it was. It has its flaws, of which I am quite aware, but for the most part I think it's excellent. I don't even think it's at all weird that I'm in season 7 and am pretty sure I'm just going to start the whole thing over again when I'm done. Ok, maybe that's a little weird.

Ok, break time is over. More X-Files please.


  1. Have you checked out author John Kenneth Muir's series of post this week? It's an X-Files fan dream.

  2. Hey Michael, I have been reading Muir's 20th Anniversary blogging but I'm not up to these yet. I tend to sit down and read them in chunks. I think I'm through June so it might be a while until I get to these. I like that he's done a daily blogging for the premiere week. That is pretty awesome and I look forward to reading them. Thanks for including the link.