Monday, August 12, 2013

How to attend a film festival

This is not instructions but rather a plea. How does one get the best out of a film festival?

The NZ Int'l Film Festival is currently going on in my town. I won't actually be able to attend any sessions (as the film slots are called) until Sunday so anything going on this week is out for me. What I've done is go through the schedule and earmark anything that looks interesting and that is on a day I can attend. I plan to buy the 5-Session Pass so I need to pick 5 films. (I would get a few more passes but being unemployed* means lots of time but little cash so advice should please not include 'see more films.':)

So, have I done this correctly? Any tips for a first timer at an event like this?

*I've had people gently correct my self-designation and say I'm 'between jobs.' This is true, I had a job a couple months ago and anticipate having another in a couple months but I'm unclear how this is not 'unemployed.' Is the term 'unemployed' now gauche or something?

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