Thursday, May 16, 2013

Have I Mentioned Lately That Science is Cool?

Hadfield said he delights in the world being able to see and maybe better understand the work and collaboration on board the ISS, "by seeing our star in the sky."

"I was a Cold Warrior, intercepting Soviet bombers in the 80s, and now look where we are. This space station is a wonderful example of how people do things right," he said.

"The experience of leaving Earth is still very new for humanity and the ability to explain it and to share it is growing leaps and bounds due to the technology that's available."

The experience of flying in space is something that should be shared with everyone, he added.

"It is just too good an experience to keep to yourself and the more people that see it and understand... the more the benefits of space exploration will roll back into daily life for all of us."

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