Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's Keep Talking

I'm glad Shannon Hale keeps this conversation going which is why I always link to the posts. Let's keep talking about this.

What conversations do you want to keep going?


  1. Good link, and subject. Yep, there are pressures from your male peers in the school environment. There's is a sexism and group dynamics at play. I was raised in a household of women growing up, but went to public school. Likely, there is a comfort I have with being around females (from the former) versus being around males (due to the latter). Yet, I think Shannon key point came at the end:

    "Though sometimes those instructions aren’t subtle at all. Recently at a signing, a family had all my books. The mom had me sign one of them for each of her children. A 10-year-old boy lurked in the back. I’d signed some for all the daughters and there were more books, so I asked the boy, “Would you like me to sign one to you?” The mom said, “Yeah, Isaac, do you want her to put your name in a girl book?” and the sisters all giggled."

    It's not just the boys that were indoctrinated, but also the girls. I doubt they would have giggled in that situation without it.

    Thanks, Rachel.

  2. You reiterate an excellent point: this is a societal problem not a "boy" problem. We all feed in to this system and if we are not careful we will keep it up and running rather than dismantling it. And that would be a shame.

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  3. And, if you're not already aware, I've tagged you for a Liebster Award, my friend.

  4. Oh how cool! Thank you! As you can probably guess I will be slow in catching up - my digital life has been practically non-existent of late. Can't quite figure out where all the time is going but it appears the webbie is what is getting short shrift lately.