Saturday, February 25, 2012

Something interesting about the Oscars?

I have no plans to watch the Oscars (and haven't watched them in years) but stumbling upon Oscarmetrics this year almost changed my mind. But then I remembered how loooooooooong the show is and how not interested in most of the movies I am. And it really appears that the Oscars are having a College Football Post-season sort of year in that the accolades are all but decided before the big day. *sigh*

But! I clicked on over to this pre-Oscars interview and that was interesting. (And, at only 20min, not nearly as long as the Oscars.) The entire conversation is worth it so I suggest sticking around until the end. I wholeheartedly agree with the need for a level playing field and wanted to give Octavia Spencer a big ole hug when she mentioned the power of the consumer. Dollar votes, People! Dollar votes!!!!
(Shannon Hale is someone else I want to give a big ole hug and someone else who keeps the conversation about a level playing field going so here's another interesting link about the state of things in Hollywood.)

And if you're wondering about the film George Lucas struggled to get made (I didn't know about this but maybe I'm the only one) here's the trailer:

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