Sunday, January 22, 2012

Riding Lesson 1/22

Just because I haven't been getting my posts up doesn't mean I haven't been riding. However, rather than trying to get all caught up let's just skip to today. I keep a powerpoint file of notes from every lesson and I've been better at updating that. Anywho, the big update on Bailey's progress is that he is just on the cusp of wanting to stretch along his topline and reach into the contact. He offers it a lot these days but can't maintain it for very long. There is no better feeling than when he really gets his hindquarters under him, engages his belly, stretches all along his back and through his neck and then reaches to seek out the contact. At this point it's taking almost the entirety of our lesson, and even in the last 10min or so of concentrated work he still doesn't maintain that for long. I can sympathize! In any athletic endeavor it's difficult to maintain a new body position even when, technically, that position makes all other work easier.

The big update on me is that I can't ride. Well, ok, that's not entirely true but it sure can feel like it sometimes! Today I took a lesson on one of the ranch horses. She's much, much more advanced in her training than my horse and was quite challenging to ride. She listens to EVERYTHING so if I miss a cue or  stop using a part of my body then she's not with me anymore. How educational!

Last week my super awesome DH, Dr Musacha taped my lesson. Once I find a video editor I like, I'm hoping to post a short video of me and my horse. Wish me luck!

For now, look below for the exercises from today's lesson and a lesson I recently had with Bailey.

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