Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traffic in the Night Sky

Want to track satellites passing over your town, or just anywhere? Check out this website where you can track satellites live and this website that will tell you which satellites are passing over your town in the coming days. The ISS-Discovery can be seen in my night sky and I'm hoping the clouds will clear enough to see it while I can. Since it's the last mission of Discovery it'll be like looking at a little piece of history.


  1. I feel kind of ill after reading about the microsoft game variations. I'm so happy my kids are still playing games like Spongebob and Fifa World Cup (see? Soccer is really good for something!)

    I didn't know about that blog where a dad reviews books with his kids, but I am now so in admiration of him and love his kids.

  2. See, the fun of the games is you're playing them and probably enacting horrendous events but, somehow, you end up feeling pretty good regarding your day's work. :) I don't mind the shocking material but I do mind hypocrisy.

    I thought you'd like that blog. I especially like to read the posts of books that I've read to get the alternate perspective. Kids will notice things I never do. Much fun.