Sunday, March 20, 2011

io9 Bracketology

Michael brought io9's March Movie Madness to my attention and even though I'm a little late I'm still joining in. First Round voting is over but the Second Round starts tomorrow.

Here's my filled in bracket (hope it's legible after you click on it). My final pick is still hard to decide but I doubt GQ will get that deep anyway. The hardest pick for me was the match-up of Jurassic Park vs. Children of Men.  I vehemently disagreed with some of the seeding. There were several wtf moments and Dr M suggested that the committee that did the bball seeding this year was probably in on this bracket as well. However, I did notice that box-office success played into the seeding so maybe that got some of the weird results. Also, I was a bit confused by the inclusion of superhero movies in this bracket...


  1. I'm with you regarding how some of these were seeded (I suspect they borrowed that damn BCS system!). And I really don't understand the inclusion of superheroes into this mix (though I could see them in a mythology film smack-down).

    Oh, and my turn... The Fifth Element over the original Planet of the Apes?!?

    More fun coming in the 2nd round! Thanks, Rachel

  2. heheh, have we rocked the entire foundation of our relationship with this bracket? ;-)

    The thought process on that one, such as it was, was repeat viewing. Planet doesn't get keep my attention on repeat viewing like 5th does.

    Another thing I was thinking of while filling this out is that certain movies are seen at particular times in life and your initial response of that viewing can never be forgotten. I suppose that's how classic movies from different movie eras keep coming back. For those that saw them at just the right time, that feeling can never be forgotten. So you can have two people talking about the same movie, one having had the feeling and one not having seen the movie at the Right Time, and so thoughts on the same movie are forever trapped in those mindsets. Erg, rambling on, aren't I? Hope that made even a modicum of sense.