Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee House Love Affair

I am inordinately fond of my new teapot. Delish!


  1. Your teapot picture did not come up for me (sadly, as I am a fanatic tealover) but wanted to stop by and report that I'm more than half done with 'Broken Kingdoms' and still loving it. I love Oree so much that it makes up for the fact that I don't like Shiny as much as I adored Nahadoth (which is OK, as I don't think the reader is supposed to like Shiny all that much at this point in the story). It is remarkable to me how well fantasy novels lend themselves to shining a light on the dangers of religious fanaticism (latest volume in 'Wheel of Time' series does this very well also).

  2. You must be cutting edge. It's suddenly all the rage to buy teapots.

    Yours has nice lines.

  3. Hiya Maya - I felt BROKEN KINGDOMS got better and better as I went along. Definitely a strong finish for me. I can't wait to discuss when you're through. My opinions of Shiny alternated throughout so I find him an interesting character for discussion.

    Kate - I noticed that, too. :) What subliminal messages are the pots sending out to all of us?