Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome Back, Ken Doll

He's back, folks! Oh yes, even after this, he's back. Lemme 'splain.

You see, I decided to give Amazon another call after seeing how cheap the latest generation Kindle is. I figured if they were this cheap that stupidass deal they were trying to offer me before couldn't still be the only option a scientist with a broken Kindle had open to her. It wasn't. I call up Amazon and explain my rolly wheel is broken. Still no repair service but they would be happy to give me a $75 credit toward the purchase of any Kindle of my choice. Hunh? Seriously? Competition is a beautiful thing, folks! So I am still pretty unimpressed with the breaking of the wheel but I made sure (with 200% zoom) that there weren't any rolly wheels on the new Kindles and went for the credit. I've mostly been cruising the free books and will probably still spend most of my time at the library but I do like eReaders and am glad to have got such a great deal. I'll report back on whether or not I still feel this way after the new toy novelty wears off.

Also, Amazon will reimburse my shipping costs when I send the old Kindle to the recycling company. How nice!

And just in case you missed the Book announcement last time... click here.  :)


  1. That's great! The rolly wheel is broken on my 2nd gen Kindle as well. I'll have to look into this. Let me know how you like the new one.

  2. It's the bucket!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Chuck!

    This latest is a vast improvement over the 1st generation and, most importantly, NO ROLLY WHEEL!!!!! At first I thought the buttons seemed really small (I take a lot of notes which is my favorite thing about using my ken doll) but they work out pretty well. One thing that is too small is the navigational pad. While not prohibitive or anything, it is annoying. I got the basic model (wifi only, not 3G) and I'm pretty pleased. I still want to own the actual book when I'm done reading (it's like I want every paper copy to come with a digital copy:) but device-wise, I'm very happy so far. Oh wait, the way to turn it off is super lame. I actually had to look up the directions in the manual. Eek! You have to hold the slider for 7 seconds. 7 seconds is way too long.

  3. Yay -- new toy!!! My grandma just asked me to help her buy a Kindle so she can give it to Luan for her Bday. Her "beauty operator" told her all about it and Grandma tells me, "She said you have to get the 'Airs' version." Me: "What?" Grandma: "So it's not on the computer." Me: "Did she maybe say 'wireless'?" Bingo.

  4. Brooke!!! Hello!!! I've missed you! We must do games again soon.

    Wow! Beauty operator. I'm intimidated just thinking about that.