Friday, January 7, 2011

GINKs, nouveau DINKs?

Interesting article about choosing to go child-free here. I was pretty surprised about the bit re folks being sheepish about their child-free choice. It's never once occurred to me to be less than candid about not wanting children. Course, "gingerly" and "Rachel" have never been in the same sentence. Oops! Have now, I guess...

And, Geaux Tigers! Keep it up and the Cotton Bowl is ours!


  1. Interesting article. I've never heard childfree by choice described as a green option!

    I've obviously gone the other route, but I've always been of the opinion that parenting should be entered into wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, or not at all so I've always had complete support for people chose the other option. I wince when I hear (embarassingly often) how people are informed with extreme patronization that they will feel different in time or regret their choice in future if they let it be known that they don't want children (or in another variation, choose to live on their own rather than with a partner). My brother-in-law got married a few months ago, has always been very upfront about now wanting kids of his own (though he's a great uncle) and I squirmed with discomfort recently when we were invited to his new parents-in-law home for dinner and several members (including his wife) insisted on telling him that he really did want kids, he just didn't know it yet. He dealt with it very patiently but I felt irked on his behalf, and a little worried about the future of the marriage.

  2. Well, I'll tell ya, my choice was not green motivated. ;)

    What an awkward and awful situation! I have been there, been the target and it's so frustrating and inappropriate. I, too, would worry for a marriage when something like that happens because it's definitely a choice that partners should 100% agree on!