Saturday, November 13, 2010

Please Insert My Microchip

Xbox Live, from that little start-up Microsoft, is now streaming ESPN3.

(are those angels singing?)

I'd just like to sign up early for my life being completely run by Microsoft. There must be an online sheet or something where I can apply.

Bill Gates, I am your target audience! And I have some really specific ideas. Please do call at your earliest convenience and I will be happy to inform you of the many ways you can create a true 360 experience for your many patrons.

(Apple, I have no beef with you but other than your handy little music storage/playing device you have not managed to target the needs of my life. Your iPad intrigues me but it's named after feminine "hygiene" products and so I can't take it seriously. What was wrong with iSlate? Have you not one woman working in your company? Anyway, best of luck with future products!)


  1. I just bust out laughing in class at the "iPad" observation - not cool. =)

    Is Dr. M hijacking your blog??? Or are you hijacking the mistress?

  2. The Mistress now services us both. :)

    Oh, and welcome, Mrs. Kozak!