Friday, October 22, 2010


Seen here.


  1. an island of kitten in a sea of long-haired dog. wow. makes me feel overheated just looking at them.

    hey, i loved lauren baratz-logstead's article on book pyramids. i want to use one of her sentences as my quote of the day. personally, i've stopped describing one of my manuscripts as 'women's fiction' ever since i realized that harlequin (of category fame) describes itself as world's largest publisher of women's fiction

  2. What I really loved about it was her (perfect) example of Tom Perrota (sp?) not being "women's fiction" because he is a man but if that had been written by a woman it would suddenly be "women's fiction." Grrr! The short-sightedness! The hubris! Bleh! So annoying!

    In the same vein of this short-sightedness I've noticed that sex that is fulfilling for all involved parties usually belongs in the realm of fantasies (not meaning genre here), romance, and "women's fiction" but if you have guilty/shameful/forced/sex for favors/etc sex then it is "literary" and the like. Ugh! What is wrong with people?