Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tip o' the Hat to the Mellifluous Magam

Is this guy getting a blow job whilst filming?

Apparently I'm late to this viral video party but better late than never. Holy shit that is some kind of hilarious!


  1. Yep. It sure sounds like it. LOL!

  2. Hey Babe,
    late in my comments, here goes:

    yosemite guy: holy cats, turned the volume to mute within seconds because my kids are tumbling around it is very hard to misinterpret those sounds, i think. maybe he was acting on a dare?

    series/writing peeves: ha! both lists excellent. in addition to your mouth twitch, i've noticed a lot of corners of lips 'kicking up' lately, in place of a smile, which sounds kind of manic and disturbing rather than charming to me

    opposite of deft: may i suggest 'nondeftical'? 'undefticious'? 'ixnay on the eftday'?

  3. Seriously, right? Double rainbow guy had multiple something and I don't think it was just rainbows!

    M - Haven't encountered 'kicking up' yet but is that not something you do with your heels? ;)

    I'm think I'm going with nondeftical because it is awesome and I immediately fell in love. Has now been inserted into my vocabulary.

    Question for you regarding my series whines: It looks to me that your work is a series so what do you think of re-caps?

  4. Is actually not a series but a group of standalones. The common elements are a woman in process of figuring out what to do in her life (personal and professional), eventually a love-interest guy of some kind, and a lot of brainstorming on my part about what could be interesting in various work environments (the first is do it yourself home improvement reality TV, the second is alternative travel, the third is food). There is one character (the rejected love interest from Book 1) who makes a cameo appearance in every book, just because he is such a clueless goofus and I love him so much.

    Ref recap: came across an especially nondeftical one recently (book 2? 3? in a historical series)where the second scene includes, if I counted correctly, 19 characters introduced by name, appearance, and history. I was forced to discontinue the book due to blinding headache

  5. Ah, I see! Great idea for a thread to combine the standalones.