Monday, August 23, 2010

Bio Cremation

What will we think up next?

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  1. I agree that alkaline hydrolysis is far from being a cremation.

    At the end of an alkaline hydrolysis process no bones have been incinerated nor other body parts evaporated.

    We prefer to compare our alkaline hydrolysis systems to the burial option, not cremation. A CycledBurial is a hygienic burial. It allows for a burial of 100% of one’s remains without the necessity of incurring the cost of a coffin, vault, or cemetery plot. Our systems allow for a pathogen-free burial. The public will save a considerable amount of money on a CycledBurial compared to an unsterile burial. This cost saving over a burial in a cemetery, several thousand dollars, will drive a lot of consumer demand. The reduction in emissions, fuel consumption, and the public health benefits make a CycledBurial the best final disposition option.