Monday, July 5, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

The wonderfully gracious Michael of Lazy Thoughts From a Boomer recently shared The Versatile Blogger award with, among others, yours truly. It's a lovely compliment that he share this with me as I think so highly of his thoughtful and well-written posts. Many thanks, Michael!

The Rules for the Award:

    * Thank the person who gave you this award (see above)
    * Share 7 things about yourself (see below)
    * Pass the award along to 15 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reason (see below below:). I'm following this rule very loosely. :-)
    * Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.

7 things you never knew you wanted to know:

1. If a pill was invented that provided needed nourishment and a feeling of fullness I would happily never eat a meal again. A foodie I am not.

2. All three of my tattoos are inspired by fictional works.

3. I love visiting baseball parks.

4. I've moved more than 20 times. These moves have spanned 9 states (both coasts even) and 2 countries.

5. I think a good knife in the kitchen is as nice as a ride in a Cadillac (despite the sentiments conveyed in 1 I'm a fairly decent cook).

6. I've been hit by a car but the only time I've broken a bone was while playing football.

7. I've never been particularly skilled at listening to stories out loud. In fact, I can tune myself out while reading aloud. 

The VBA is now being sent to the following blogs:

American Irish

Apprentice Writer

I Apologize in Advance

Scientist Gone Gamer

TOT in the City


  1. You are very kind with your words, Rachel. Those are some interesting and fun things to know, too. Since (your tattoos are) they're inspired by them, do you have associated blog posts about those fictional works? My wife would very much agree with you about #5. And you've been hit by a car and didn't break anything, and football did? My god! You must play a pretty rough game...

    Thanks so much for this, Rachel.

  2. :)

    Actually I've never posted about any of the inspiring fictional works but they include this classic stick figure and my favorite pokemon and this imminently recognizable emblem

    Actual colors may vary. ;)