Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the Bayou

Earlier this year I mentioned a city which is lovely but often passed over for Amsterdam when one is visiting the Netherlands. I'm back again to mention that New Orleans is not the only thing south Louisiana has to offer. If you ever make it down this way you really ought to venture out of the city to experience the beautiful land and unique culture of bayou country. Here are a few things I love about visiting the place of my birth:

Bayous - they are absolutely gorgeous! You must see them before they are gone. (rising sea levels and all)

And I ought not forget Live Oaks, Cypress trees, and the general gorgeousness of the countryside

How everyone calls everyone babe, baby, or just ba' if they can't be bothered with the whole word.

How "alright" is equivalent to "you're welcome."

West Main Pizza - you wouldn't believe the perfectness of the crust or the sheer volume of the toppings (ever had seafood pizza? well, me neither cuz I hate seafood but I hear it's good:)

LSU Tiger fans

The accent

The food

Getting in the car very early in the morning to catch a flight and, on the way, watching the sun rise over the bayous. I just can't describe how gorgeous it is.

There's more but my hush puppies are getting cold...

What region never ceases to amaze and delight you?


  1. I didn't realize you were born in Louisiana, Rachel. You know author Robert Crais is from those parts (Independence, LA). I've only been to NOLA a couple of times, but should venture out more. My wife still has family in Shreveport, I believe (but, like me, is a native Angeleno). If I remember my history correctly, the British hated the region, but the Spanish and French embraced it.

    I'm probably a more Southwestern region type. Thanks for sharing this, Rachel.

  2. I didn't know you were a bayou girl. Sometimes mass media is well-deserving of all the heckling it receives, but sometimes, it can also do good. My little girl received 'The Princess and the Frog' for her birthday and I must say it made me think for the first time, that it would be very cool to go to that neck of the woods on vacation. I love the idea of those enormous, waterbound trees and the music was so good.

    And: pretty much anywhere, I think, in Holland would be a good place to visit! Not to mention Bruges is so close by.

  3. lp13 - I did know that about Crais but not where. I was born in Abbeville which is right in the heart of Acadiana (those ousted French Canadians) and the natives would consider Independence as "up north" and Shreveport! Oh my! :) Regional fun, you know. When I go back to visit I spend most of my time in Terrebonne parish (also cajun country) and usually drop into BR to visit college friends and I might get to NO for one day.

    As you can imagine, I find the SW region way too dry. Living in the north part of the Central Valley feels like the desert to me! I was recently in NV, though, and I do love the striking landscape. But I really prefer the green and humidity.

    M - I haven't seen that movie yet but have been thinking about it due to the setting. I most certainly recommend a visit but NOT in July. I am genetically equipped for highs of 97 and 100% humidity but most people aren't. The best times to visit are March-early May and October.

    You're quite right about the Netherlands. It's difficult to find anyplace that isn't nice. I lived about 4hrs by train to Brugge (it's in the Dutch speaking region after all even though English speakers use the French name:) and went a couple times. I don't think I am as enchanted with the city as most people but it's still a very nice place to visit. I actually prefer the southern Dutch accent and the "Flemish" accent so I like to hear Dutch spoken there.