Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Book Reviews

If you're not located in an area where you can pick up this month's Sacramento Book Review or San Francisco Book Review click on over here for a slough of book reviews. If you're specifically interested in what yours truly reviewed for this month, here are the links:

A Bad Day For Pretty by Sophie Littlefield

Changes by Jim Butcher

The Secret Duke by Jo Beverley

Tongues of Serpents by Naomi Novik

And in case it's not immediately obvious, all books provided by Sac/SF Book Review

(Note: links updated for last month's round-up)

What have you been reading lately?


  1. A fine set of reviews, Rachel. I've read Sophie's [ain't I being familiar... I have met the author a couple of times now] initial novel, A BAD DAY FOR SORRY, and enjoyed it a lot. I'll read the second sometime in the next couple of months. I've heard good things about the Dresden series by Butcher. Do you recommend starting at the beginning, or is there one in particular I should try first?

    Thanks, Rachel.

  2. Well, shucks! I wish I had known you were interested in these as I would have been happy to drop them in media mail and send them on down south. (I left them at my brother's in another state.) But anyway... This is the only Butcher I have read. I requested it because of some comments I had seen re Butcher but I had no idea it was part of a series OR that it was urban fantasy (clearly I should have paid more attention to the comments or done some research:). I am not such a huge fan of urban fantasy and I have no current plans to read more Butcher. Sorry to not be able to give any suggestions.

    Also (and don't tell your good friend Sophie this;), I was not such a fan of A BAD DAY simply because it is not to my taste and so I will probably not read the first one or any subsequent books.

    I also had a complete brain fart re the Novik book and forgot that I had read the first of the Temeraire series and not been at all interested in continuing with the story. So as you can see I ended up with a slough of books that are really perfectly average - to above - in the grand scheme of things but that I was wholly uninterested in. Silly me! THE SECRET DUKE was the one I enjoyed the most though I submitted 3 stars for all of them.

    I find that when reviewing books for SAC/SF BOOK REVIEW I often have to be very careful to observe basic objectivity. I will often get a book that is well done but of very little interest to me personally. I don't think I can fault the author for that so I have to keep that in mind while reading. It makes for an awfully clinical read which is sort of icky but the alternative is to trash a book simply because it is not to my taste. That strikes me as unfair.

    whew! long-winded much? :)

    Shit, seriously? You've got more? Ha! (I am sgWORDY, after all) If you're ever interested in the books I review for BOOK REVIEW let me know as I often have them sitting around just waiting for a good home (many are ARCs, fyi). (Sorry, no audiobooks:)