Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ignorance Prevents Truth in Advertising

Ad copy - "Nights you'll remember for light years."
(ad includes outer space characters)

Seriously? A billion dollar corporation can't hire someone to check on these things? Even fucking Wikipedia knows that a light year is a measure of distance. Even better than the sometimes dubious (but always loved) Wikipedia is Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy page on light years.

And while we're here, be sure to visit his site for loads of awesome shit regarding astronomy (includes movie breakdowns!). Even if you're not an armchair astrophysicist* like me there's still tons of good stuff to be found on Bad Astronomy!

*didja even know these existed? armchair quarterbacks yes but astrophysicists? I know! I'm so geeked out for science!

ETA: Turns out the BA blog has a nice video up today. The camera work is terrible (and I think I hear a baby crying in the background) but the message is solid. I'll embed it below so hat tip BA blog.


  1. I've got to show my wife (the USC alumna) that commencement speech. Not only would she appreciate the great address by Eric Schulze (and its sentiment), but I'm sure that she'd catch the spelling error of the person who put up the video on YouTube [but, I digress ;-)]. Besides the lament covered by Mr. Schulze (and you) concerning the lack of appreciation for scientists and the important job they do, I'd also complain about the disparagement they receive from certain (ahem) political circles from time-to-time. Anyway, thanks for this.

    p.s., that is a great site you link to.

  2. *snerk*

    me, i'm an armchair world cup soccer player. or at least coach.

    and i've actually proofread a manuscript (for grammar only, natch, not the science part)for a very serious armchair astrophysicist

  3. You've both got a leg up on me! I didn't notice the misspelling (or the title actually:) and I couldn't proof a book for grammar or astrophysics! Ah, well...