Monday, June 28, 2010

All Atingle for Books!

My heart just pitter-pattered! I just saw my review assignments for August and I'm really excited to read these books!

Might this finally be the month that pulls me out of my review slump? Fingers crossed!

On another note, when I made these requests my goals were the following: something from modern literature or popular fiction, something non-fiction, and no series books. I only accomplished the non-fiction goal! Hunh?

All the modern literature or popular fiction choices looked like melodramatic crap and why is it that practically every fucking book these days has to be in a series? What has happened to stand-alones?

Am I crazy here? Are series taking over the publishing world?

You tell me! To series or not to series?


  1. I'm sure you'll have noticed the same trend with movies.

  2. I like both. Sometimes a book is so good you just want to remember it the way it was -- a sequel would only ruin the memory (ie. Life of Pi). But sometimes you get kind of invested in a character and you want to watch the evolution (ie. Harry Potter, The Girl Who...).

  3. You'd think I was a Gemini with the way I can be convinced both ways....

    I've had times where I almost felt relieved at being able to cross off a highly recommended author from my TBR, because the series was so long already there was no way I wanted to commit the time to catch up (Harrison, Briggs). So I hear you on the beauty of the standalone.

    OTOH - I have been known to glom a backlist after discovering a new-to-me author who blew me away (Robert Jordan's WOT, Lindsey Davis' Falco series, Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series).

    Inconsistent much?

  4. Cheri - So true!

    Brooke & M - Excellent points. I think I am just so burnt out on series right now. Or perhaps I am just encountering some stinkers...