Monday, May 10, 2010

sgwordy takes a bow

Common or uncommon?

A birthday results in Usher: Raymond V Raymond and Garth Brooks: The Ultimate Hits taking up residence in the same household.

Excited or nervous?

Yann Martel's latest is in my hot little hands. Can it possibly be as good as Life of Pi?

Humorous or humiliating?

sgwordy belting out all her favorite Garth tunes from her younger years.


  1. I shall maintain a polite silence ref: garth brooks imitations, and simply say: was looking for you on goodreads but couldn't figure out your ID. If you like, tell me and I'll friend you.

  2. 1. Probably uncommon.
    2. Both!
    3. Probably neither -- I think the word you're looking for is AWESOME! "Shameless" is my all-time favorite song to belt out in the privacy of my car.

  3. M, that's the thing; a person cannot remain silent while Garth is on. ;) Got the goodreads request, yay. Happy reading!

    Oh, Brooke! So true! In fact, Jeff says if he had known how much enjoyment (read: laughing at me time) he would get out of the album he would have got it for me a lot sooner. "Shameless" is a great one, mine is "Fever."