Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mooning About My Laura Kinsale Shelf

Lately, I have had many things I should be spending the bulk of my time doing. But, alas, I've mostly been watching baseball, listening to The New Pornographers, and mooning about my Laura Kinsale shelf. Knowing I have books for review to read and a fresh stack from the library, I've resisted the urge to get into a LK marathon. Ok, yeah, so I read For My Lady's Heart again last week and Flowers From the Storm again this week but, honestly, I was convinced I wouldn't end up re-reading them all just now. But then Apprentice Writer did a review of Uncertain Magic that's made me want to go read that one again. And, really, if I'm going to re-read three of them I may as well go ahead and read the other nine!

By the way, Apprentice Writer keeps a lovely blog focusing on humorous fiction and I highly recommend surfing on by her site.

And, finally, you decide! I keep a photo of one of the more romantic days of my life on my LK shelf. Sweet or cheezy? I'm still not sure! :)


  1. Wow! It's an amazing amount of reading you get done, Rachel. And that sure is a great image you keep on the shelf (and one hell of a beautiful gown--of what I can make out). Being married over 21 years now myself, I call that sweet. Thanks for this.

  2. hey, thanks for the blog love! I do believe this is the first time I've been aware that a blog I posted inspired someone else's blogpost, so I'll just view that as a positive and crush all feelings that I should be reading as quickly as you do....

    My other two LK titles were 'Lessons in French' and 'My Sweet Folly' both of which I lurved. I got a few pages in to Shadowheart and then put it away, having decided it wasn't for me.

    Me, I think it's sweet where you keep your photo but the more interesting question is what your DH thinks about it.

  3. lp13 - You are so kind, as always! :) I do do quite a lot of reading but it's my main hobby, and I read rather quickly, so I suppose it's all about the time I am more than happy to devote to it. I am very lucky!

    Thanks so much for your lovely compliment of the dress. Full disclosure - I borrowed it from a friend (I always let her know when I get compliments:). Hubby and I are pretty laid back and our wedding reflected that. I just couldn't see buying a dress I'd only wear once. hehe

  4. Hiya M - Oh gone on! You know how much I lurv your blog. :) And, get ready, I'm still mentally working on that post regarding stupid "genre" titles. So that one will be inspired by a post of yours, too.

    I remember your review of LiF and, since you like humor, I assumed your other title would have been "Midsummer Moon." That is LK's other funny one. Course they all have funny moments but LiF and MM are the lightest in tone. I also like MSF (but who am I kidding? I like them all!). Shadowheart is definitely not for everyone so I can understand if you skip that one. Most definitely bump up Prince; it's fantastic. Though another one that took two reads for me to fully appreciate. LK is a master of characterization and she really makes you work at it. It's one of my favorite things. She let's the story speak for itself rather than detailing everything for you. btw, I did a mass review (in two parts) for all her titles a while back if you're interested. I think they should come right up if you search "kinsale" in the searchy box at the top.

    I saw your Uncertain Magic questions and will take a crack at some (hopefully) satisfactory questions tomorrow. Yay! I love discussing books!

    My DH, mostly known in these parts as Dr Musacha, doesn't give much thought to it at all because he's too busy teasing me about my shrine-like LK shelf. ha!

  5. lp13 - I can't believe I forgot to say this before - many congrats on 21 years!! Here's to many more to come!

  6. The DH feels honored that a picture that includes him is deemed worthy to be included in the Kinsale shrine. Clearly I must be doing something right to be included in such great company! ;)

  7. Oh, Dr M! :) Best romance of my life, Babe!

  8. @Jeff - haha! well spoken, whether you really think so or are have clued in that saying so will make your home life run smoothly! and don't think it's gone unobserved that you shield yourself with ultramacho avatars before making such pronouncements

  9. I think the photo is perfect right where it is. But I would -- I'm a big fan of mushy. =)