Sunday, May 9, 2010

For the past few baseball seasons sgwordy and Dr M have subscribed to and loved In anticipation of the Cubs having an especially bad year we just weren't sure we could take it. However, I find myself seriously missing my daily baseball dose. I've been threatening for years to become a Marlins fan so maybe it's time. Get the but just don't torture ourselves with the Cubs? Could work.

Or instead become regular patrons of the River Cats? I have a special love for minor league baseball that started years ago when I was living in Savannah. Go Gnats! Seriously. Is there any entertainment better than Single A ball? I just don't think so! Where else would it be possible to watch a toilet race kids around the bases?

Help me out here, people. I need suggestions on how to enjoy baseball without the torture of my team having a shudderingly bad season.

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